Improving Life for Communities In Need.

L.M. (Life Ministry) Foundation believes we can help build a new foundation in a person's life while we minister to their needs by offering a place to stay while they heal, we will also offer  food, and clothing. Built on biblical principals; "I will say to the Lord, My Lord is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." Psalms 91:2 (NIV)


We want to make a difference. We have a simple, but robust mission: to help people in need. We do that by focusing on community-based efforts including education, awareness, and food aid.


If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's serving food aid in a kitchen, painting walls of a newly repaired home, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do communities in need.


We're continually working hard to improve communities. If you're interested in what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), take a look at our programs.